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Inspirational Video Series, hosted by Bonnie St. John


After suffering a close encounter with death, Joy Carol has dedicated her life to spirituality and healing. Joy and Bonnie talk about how you can discover the true essence of peace, meaning, and joy in your life!


Bonnie interviews Stratford Sherman, a globally recognized authority on large-scale organizational change who serves as a thinking partner to leaders of major transformations. Stratford’s work integrates deep appreciation of business dynamics, clarity about what’s essential in change efforts, and an approach to people that combines sensitivity with common sense. To learn more about Stratford please highlight and paste this link into your browser;

Dan Collins Episode 3: HEALING FROM ABUSE

Some of the strongest and most debilitating traumas are sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. How do you know when you’re being abused? What do you do if you experience abuse? Both Bonnie and Dr. Dan Collins share poignant stories of their own, personal struggles with abuse, and provide concrete ways to help overcome the effects this kind of trauma can have on your life and/or the life of someone close to you.


Bonnie and Dr. Ruge discuss basic differences in people’s personalities. Once you understand that your partner, your children, or anyone you may have a relationship with, may have fundamental personality differences from you – that will never change – you can be much more effective in how you relate to each other. Find out what those differences can be, and how to constructively cope with them to make everyone’s life more harmonious.

Joy Carol Episode Three: DEALING WITH DEATH

Joy Carol talks about her years as a hospice counselor preparing people and their families for the final period in their lives. Learn how to deal with this heart wrenching time in a positive and constructive manner. What kinds of questions do you ask? How can your family be helpful without being a burden? What kinds of ways can you find peace? Don’t miss this important and illuminating episode.

Dr. Ken Ruge, Episode 2: LIFE AFTER INFIDELITY

Can a marriage survive infidelity? The answer is "yes", in many instances, if certain conditions are present to promote that survival. Dr. Ruge shares his vast experience and research in this area and provides some practical steps you can take to deal with the difficulties surrounding this very delicate, and dangerous, aspect of relationships.

Dr. Dan Collins Episode 2: THE TRAUMA DJ

Bonnie and Dr. Dan discuss the triggers for trauma, how to identify when you or someone close to you can slip into them, and what to do about the devastating effects of trauma before it becomes overwhelming. Learn how to “taunt your trauma” and conquer it!

Stephanie Chick #3 - TRACK YOUR PACKAGE

In this third episode of Stephanie’s DELIVER YOUR PACKAGE workshops, Bonnie and Stephanie discuss how you can stay on track to reach your destination. Learn how to develop "in transit" and "on hold" elements of your personal and career goals, how to stay focused, and how to positively channel your energy — not diffuse it.

Joy Carol Episode Two: THE EVILS OF ENVY

Envy can be one of the most destructive emotions in the human condition. Learn how to avoid being imprisoned by these debilitating feelings, but rather turn them on their ear and use them to support and strengthen your relationships.

Dr. Dan Collins Episode 1 - TRAUMA

Everyone experiences trauma sooner or later in their life: a car accident, death of a loved one, or sometimes more serious trauma like violence, or medical disability. What is trauma? How does it manifest itself in your daily life? What are Dr. Dan’s "5 stations in the trauma zone", and how can we overcome each stage?

Dr. Ken Ruge Episode 1: HOW TO FIGHT AND MAKE UP!

Having disagreements in a relationship is actually healthy, but you need to know how to disagree in order to be heard while still promoting the self-esteem of both you and your partner. Learn several very effective tools to help you identify how to manage disagreements, how to overcome the hurt and anger they produce, and then how to make up and happily get past them.

Stephanie Chick #1: OPEN YOUR PACKAGE

Bonnie welcomes life coach Stephanie Chick in this first of a series of workshops around Stephanie’s DELIVER THE PACKAGE philosophy. In this segment, learn how to "open" your package: clarify and identify your hidden talents and desires, quantify them, and present them to the world.


Did you know that not having strong friendships can actually do you physical harm - like smoking, drinking too much, or not exercising? In this episode of LIVE YOUR JOY TV, Bonnie talks with Joy Carol, counselor, spiritual director, and author of THE FABRIC OF FRIENDSHIPS, about how to separate strong, healthy relationships from debilitating, unhealthy ones. Learn how to identify when a friendship is wrong for you – and what to do about it. Learn how to be a good friend.

Billy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn McCoo: OVERCOMING ALCOHOLISM

From the 5th Dimension to four decades together, Bonnie talks with music legends Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. about staying together for 38 years of marriage, and the struggles they faced overcoming Billy’s alcoholism.