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Radio Shows, hosted by Bonnie St. John

Beating the Joy Stealers

When living our joy, we all encounter obstacles in life that seem to pull us off course - that “steal” our joy. In this powerful episode, Bonnie welcomes author and inspirational speaker Lynette Lewis as they discuss these “Joy Stealers” and how to cope with them. Lynette and Bonnie also delve into Lynette’s elegantly inspiring book, CLIMBING THE LADDER IN STILETTOS. You’ll get tips on the difference between your JOB and your PURPOSE, and how to adapt your job to fit your purpose – even if that adaptation isn’t clearly apparent. Lynette diagrams the “4 Principles of Promotion” you can use to achieve your goals, and how to look at your life as “different from what you imagined, but better than what you expected.” Whether you wear stilettos or loafers, start off on the right foot with this all positive episode of LIVE YOUR JOY.

Marilyn Mccoo and Billy Davis, Jr.

Bonnie welcomes recording sensations Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. From the 5th Dimension to four decades together, Bonnie talks with these music legends about staying together for 38 years of marriage, the struggles they faced overcoming Billy’s alcoholism, how faith and prayer are the cornerstones of their life together, and the exciting new projects they have on tap for the future.

Fat to Fit

Bonnie welcomes Carole Carson, author of the revolutionary new book FAT TO FIT: TURN YOURSELF INTO A WEAPON OF MASS REDUCTION. Learn how this 64 year old grandmother lost over 60 lbs herself – and kept it off – while inspiring a whole town to lose a combined 4 TONS! The Wall Street Journal calls her “an apostle for fitness.” Learn her 7 steps to sustainable weight loss though her F.I.T. (F=fun, I=individualized, T=together) program. Don’t miss this vital episode of LIVE YOUR JOY!

How to Fight and Make Up

Bonnie welcomes Dr. Ken Ruge, author, psychologist, and ordained minister, who brings to our show the wisdom of his years of experience in relationship therapy. Learn how to tell if your relationship is doomed, or just in need of some critical adjustments. Bonnie and Dr. Ruge discuss ways to “fill your emotional checking account” with your mate. How even the worst kinds of transgressions – like infidelity - do not have to be the end of a marriage! If you are, or ever have been, in a relationship – or if you know someone who is struggling in one right now – you can’t afford to miss this important episode of LIVE YOUR JOY!

The Language of Love

Do you ever feel like your mate, your children/parents, your business associates, or others in your life don’t love or appreciate you the way you want them to? Well, they may be speaking a different love language! On the next LIVE YOUR JOY, Bonnie hosts Dr. Gary Chapman, author of THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES, a guide to communicating in relationships that has sold over 4 million copies! Learn Dr. Chapman’s essential “5 Languages of Love” and how to identify them in yourself and your loved ones. Once you do, you’ll completely rethink the way you love - and the way you are loved. This episode of LIVE YOUR JOY will truly change your life!

How to Apologize, Forgive, and Be Forgiven

The classic movie, LOVE STORY, was wrong! Love means always having to say you’re sorry! In this crucial episode, Bonnie welcomes Jennifer Thomas, co-author, with Dr. Gary Chapman, of the sensational book, THE FIVE LANGUAGES OF APOLOGY. Learn how to identify and become fluent in your loved ones’ apology language, so that every atonement you make is heard, felt and appreciated. Conversely, learn your apology language so that you can be sure to get healing and satisfaction in your relationships. Anyone who has ever made a mistake needs to hear this!

Find Your Passion

Did you ever wake up in the morning realizing you hate your job? What if you woke up every morning filled with excitement and anxious to get to work? Join us as Bonnie welcomes Darrell “Coach D” Andrews, one of the most passionate, dynamic and inspiring motivational speakers in the country. The author of three books, Coach D shares with us his “Passion” philosophy: Find your passion - the thing that makes you happy and fills your life with joy - and turn it into your career. Learn how to get out of your own way and re-focus your dreams into money making endeavors. Learn how to infuse this wisdom into young people by supporting their ambitions and passions, not blocking them. This episode just may change your life forever!

The Money Chi

It’s hard to find true joy in life without some sort of handle on your financial security. In this important episode, Bonnie welcomes John Alexandrov, best selling author and founder of THE MONEY CHI, a proven method for achieving balance, harmony, and true peace around financial issues. Learn how not to “deny” opportunities in your life. Find out the difference between “abundance” and money – and how not to confuse the two. This show will give you specific, practical techniques that will help you understand your relationship with your financial situation and release yourself from limiting beliefs about your own prosperity potential.

Smart Is As Smart Does

Everybody likes to think of themselves as smart. Everyone is, in some fashion. But you may be smart in certain ways, and other people are smart differently. In her new book, HOW AM I SMART, Dr. Kathy Koch explains the 8 primary categories in which we define intelligence. Dr. Koch and Bonnie discuss these fundamental principles and how they can impact your life. Are you more people smart, or more picture smart? Which of the 8 categories are you strongest in? How can you play to your strengths? How can you nurture your weaker smarts? Want to get smarter about your smarts? Then tune in to this illuminating episode.

The Trauma Zone

Bonnie welcomes Dr. Dandridge Collins, author of the dynamic new book, THE TRAUMA ZONE. Everyone experiences trauma sooner or later in their life: a car accident, death of a loved one, or sometimes more serious trauma like violence, or disability. What is trauma? How does it manifest itself in your daily life? What are Dr. Dan’s “5 stations in the trauma zone”, and how can we overcome each stage?

Healing from Abuse

For close to a decade, Nicole Braddock Bromley was sexually abused by a her stepfather – someone she loved and trusted, and was a pillar of respect in her tight knit, rural community. In her new book, HUSH: FROM SILENCE TO HEALING, Nicole bravely breaks the silence and speaks openly and honestly of the horrors of her childhood. As a victim of sexual abuse herself, Bonnie joins Nicole in the struggle toward recovery. In this powerful episode, these two incredible women share their stories, their despair, and their ultimate journey toward hope, healing, and finding joy in their lives again.

Perfecting Your People Skills

How many times have you heard, or said: “I wish I had learned that sooner”? In this episode, Bonnie welcomes Peggy Klaus, author of the best selling book BRAG! THE ART OF TOOTiNG YOUR OWN HORN WITHOUT BLOWING IT and her latest, THE HARD TRUTH ABOUT SOFT SKILLS, who brings her many years of coaching some of the most influential CEO’s, Hollywood moguls, and Wall Street executives to our show just for you! Learn how to hone your soft “people” skills to be at your most effective in business, relationships, parenting, and in everyday life. Don’t wait until opportunities have passed you by. Learn these skills today from one of the most successful and exclusive executive coaches in the world! You’ll be really glad you tuned in to this episode of LIVE YOUR JOY.

Physician Heals Herself

Dr. Taffy Anderson was diagnosed with stage 5 breast cancer from a mammogram she squeezed in between performing two caesarian section operations. This devastating revelation abruptly forced her on a journey from overworked, overachieving, and intensely driven doctor to peaceful, private, and serene cancer survivor. Her astonishing transformation is chronicled in her book, TREASURES IN DARKNESS. In this episode, Dr. Anderson candidly shares with Bonnie the depths of denial and depression she experienced, and how she was finally able to overcome extreme physical and emotional challenges to finally discover the importance of living her joy. If you or someone you love needs inspiration to make health a priority or face an already looming illness, you must hear this discussion. Even a doctor can make mistakes. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Delivering Your Package

Join Bonnie and her guest, life coach Stephanie Chick, as they discuss how you can best present yourself and your abilities every day. Who are you, really? What is your package, your genius? Where is your package now, and where is it going? Stephanie’s “Deliver the Package” program will help you answer these burning questions, and provide you with some helpful tools to go forward on the road to truly delivering the best possible package for you.

Finding God at Starbucks

Bonnie welcomes Wall Street executive and spiritual director Westina Matthews, author of Have A Little Faith: The Faith of a Mustard Seed. Find out when it’s a good idea to rely on a spiritual director - and when it’s not. Westina and Bonnie discuss the four steps to "Have a Little Faith", and how you can apply these insights immediately in your own life. Westina shares some of the profound understanding she gained in her own spiritual training, including how she found God at a Starbucks! Don’t miss this powerful and moving episode of LIVE YOUR JOY.

25 Habits of Success

Most successful people have several traits in common that enhance their ability to achieve their greatest potential in life. In this episode, Bonnie welcomes Dr. Stacia Pierce, pastor, motivator, and founder of MINISTRY-4-WOMEN, as she describes the essence of her book “25 Habits of Successful Women.” Learn the keys to success that Dr. Pierce has gleaned from her decades of supporting women from all walks of life. Put these thoughtful, proven pearls of wisdom to use in your life right away!

Beating Stress

Did you ever get so mad that you “can’t even see straight?” In this episode of LIVE YOUR JOY, you’ll learn all about the physiological changes your body goes through during times of stress and how to control these impulses toward the mental, emotional and physical coherence of peace. Sheva Carr, founder of FYERA, a revolutionary organization dedicated to overcoming stress, joins Bonnie for a fascinating discussion about accessing the intelligence and power of your heart to guide yourself toward peace and harmony in your life. Learn about HeartMath, the scientifically proven method used by movie stars, CEO’s, politicians, and professional athletes to completely control stress in their lives.

Motivation Beyond Expectation

Chris Waddell has always been an exceptional athlete. In 1988, he was the captain of his ski team in college when a freak accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. He has since gone on to win 13 Paralympic medals in both the winter and summer Olympics, been named one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” and is about to climb – unassisted – Mount Kilimanjaro in a special 4 wheeled, hand cranked device. The lessons he has to tell of courage, perseverance, and sheer strength of spirit will inspire and move you beyond anything you‘ve ever heard before. Don’t miss this unbelievable interview with the man the Dalai Lama called an “Unsung Hero of Compassion.”

Hooray for Hollywood

On LIVE YOUR JOY, we always feature guests who have advice on how to infuse more joy into your life. In this episode, Bonnie welcomes Dallas Jenkins, the awards winning producer/director of several major Hollywood films including MIDNIGHT CLEAR, starring Stephen Baldwin and K Callan. Dallas shares how he maintains a healthy work/life balance despite the rigors of a show-biz lifestyle. Here some true “behind the scenes” anecdotes about how movies are really made - the struggles, the frustrations, and the triumphs. Learn how to live your joy as you pursue your passions in life