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A company has Disability Competitiveness when they are savvy about (1)Attracting talent with disabilities; (2) Maximizing the contribution of people with disabilities whom they already employ; and (3) Positioning themselves to capture a leading share in the over $225 billion market opportunity that people with disabilities represent. By leveraging their ability to understand and engage people with disabilities (PWDs), companies can increase their profitability and gain a competitive advantage. Read the full article here. Creates an image/link

Bonnie at RIM 2014

“Aim higher; normal is overrated,” Bonnie St. John told attendees of the 2014 RIMS Awards Luncheon Monday afternoon.The paralympic silver and bronze medal-winning skier, scholar, economist, and successful author addressed the RIMS crowd following the annual awards presentation to RIMS chapters and risk managers for their outstanding achievements throughout the past year, thanking them for all the catastrophic events that didn’t happen in the past year due to their preventative efforts in the risk management field.

The full article can be found here.

Bonnie was invited to speak on live television for a segment on Women’s Leadership. Watch her here:

Bonnie wrote a piece for the Huffington Post called “10 Good Reasons to Curb Your Perfectionism“, to highlight the importance of recognizing habits that can hurt success in the long run.

Read Bonnie’s piece in the January 2014 issue of Essence Magainze

Bonnie in Essence

Bonnie was interviewed for Forbes about applying her insights and knowledge from the athletic, political, and academic field into the business world. You can find the full interview here.

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Bonnie St. John was featured in an article in Success magazine on how she navigated her life to become the woman she is today. Her personal story is also featured in another section of Success magazine, where she talks about her keys to success.

You can pick up the magazine in stores now!

Cover Success Magazine Jan 2014

Check out May’s issue of Essence Magazine where Bonnie & Darcy talk discuss their new book, How Great Women Lead.

How Great Women Lead - and why it matters.

Amazing last place finish.

Don’t miss the May issue of Essence magazine for Darcy’s mother’s day article about her journey to meet women leaders with her mother.  To read the article, click here.

Join the journey with bonnie St. John and her teenage daughter, Darcy Deane, as they travel the world on an amazing adventure into the lives, and life lessons, of some of today’s most fascinating women leaders including: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Wendy Kopp, Sheryl Sandberg, and many more.

Read Bonnie’s post on the Huffpost Healthy Living Blog --

How Do Olympics Matter in our Everyday Lives?

The Story Exchange is a global video project empowering women to start their own

businesses. They know the importance of role models and that’s what The Story Exchange is all about: it’s women inspiring women. By telling the stories of successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and sectors, they encourage others to gain economic freedom, create the lifestyle of their choosing, and uncover their full potential.

Bonnie and Darcy share highlights from their journey – including the characteristic all great women leaders have.  

A Plainsboro Mother-Daughter Team Talks Leadership.

To check out Bonnie’s blog on Huffington Post, please click here.

“Bonnie and Darcy have created a new genre: bringing together inspired narrative with valuable advice from some of the most influential women of our time. This mother-daughter adventure gives us a firsthand account of the journey future female leaders will experience as they embrace the wisdom, strength and influence from those that came before them. As a mother of two daughters, I loved the book!”

Rohini Anand
Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer

“I have been an avid student of leadership for nearly 40 years, reading thousands of books on leaders from all walks of life and on the general subject of leadership excellence. This is the first book in this territory where my first thought was to share it with my wife and daughter. Bonnie and Darcy have created a fresh conversation about leadership from a woman’s perspective which is well crafted and very much needed. I highly recommend it.”

Douglas R. Conant
Retired President and CEO, Campbell Soup Company
New York Times Best Selling Author of “TouchPoints”

The TEDx Youth at NASA featured a diverse field of inspiring speakers on topics such as inventing, imagination, biofuel, chemistry and filmmaking.  Reaching out to smart, curious youth, particularly girls and minorities, to get them interested in pursuing STEM related study and ultimately, careers.

Listen to Darcy Deane, co-author of How Great Women Lead, share her thoughts on what she learned about leadership from the extraordinary women in the book.

Bonnie St. John speaking for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Nassau County.

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