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Beating the Joy Stealers

When living our joy, we all encounter obstacles in life that seem to pull us off course - that “steal” our joy. In this powerful episode, Bonnie welcomes author and inspirational speaker Lynette Lewis as they discuss these “Joy Stealers” and how to cope with them. Lynette and Bonnie also delve into Lynette’s elegantly inspiring book, CLIMBING THE LADDER IN STILETTOS. You’ll get tips on the difference between your JOB and your PURPOSE, and how to adapt your job to fit your purpose – even if that adaptation isn’t clearly apparent. Lynette diagrams the “4 Principles of Promotion” you can use to achieve your goals, and how to look at your life as “different from what you imagined, but better than what you expected.” Whether you wear stilettos or loafers, start off on the right foot with this all positive episode of LIVE YOUR JOY.