Come along with Bonnie St. John, and her teenage daughter, Darcy Deane, on an incredible mother-daughter adventure into the lives of some of the most fascinating women shaping our world today.

You’ll go behind the scenes at Facebook headquarters with Sheryl Sandberg, inside the State Department in Washington, down the red carpet of a Hollywood movie premiere with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, into a home-spun tortilla factory in Nicaragua, backstage at The Jon Stewart Show, mingle with athletes at the Paralympic Winter Games, shopping in London, into the cockpit of super-sonic fighter jets, and through many other exotic and exciting locations.

In each rich, heart-to-heart visit with these amazing female role models, you will feel their warmth, absorb their wisdom, and experience what it’s like to walk in their shoes. Long after this sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always entertaining journey ends, the life lessons, the laughter, and the honest vulnerability of these women will stay with you, equip you to embrace your own leadership potential, and perhaps even inspire you to guide others along the way to greatness.


“Bonnie and Darcy have created a new genre: bringing together inspired narrative with valuable advice from some of the most influential women of our time. This mother-daughter adventure gives us a firsthand account of the journey future female leaders will experience as they embrace the wisdom, strength and influence from those that came before them. As a mother of two daughters, I loved the book!”

Rohini Anand
Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer

“I have been an avid student of leadership for nearly 40 years, reading thousands of books on leaders from all walks of life and on the general subject of leadership excellence. This is the first book in this territory where my first thought was to share it with my wife and daughter. Bonnie and Darcy have created a fresh conversation about leadership from a woman’s perspective which is well crafted and very much needed. I highly recommend it.”

Douglas R. Conant
New York Times bestselling author of Touch Points
Retired President and CEO
Campbell Soup Company

“Bonnie St. John has, against all odds, found great joy in her life. And rather than hoarding it…she generously shares the treasure.”

Jeannette Walls
New York Times bestselling author of Glass Castle

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