Live Your Joy

As an amputee, Paralympic medalist, Harvard graduate, Rhodes scholar, business CEO, and White House official, Bonnie St. John has faced some of life’s toughest challenges—and still maintains a life filled with JOY. Live Your Joy is a powerfully inspiring collection of real-life, modern-day stories that reveal the power of joy: living it, pursuing it, sharing it, and making it a top priority.

“When you learn how to create joy in your life, you stop being a slave to what is happening in the world, and you become the master of your own destiny and emotions,” writes St. John. “You can always raise the level of your joy reservoir because it’s coming from inside you. And that is an amazing feeling!” Now, more than ever, Americans want to rise above life’s difficult circumstances, to enjoy life in spite of setbacks and challenges.

Throughout her life, Bonnie St. John has struggled with daily “joy stealers.” In this book, she shares her experiences along the perpetual journey for joy—stories that will teach you how to find joy in each and every day, no matter how unlikely it may seem. Each chapter holds a piece of the puzzle, the building blocks to living a life with joy: hope, confidence, positivity, authenticity, humility, friendship, resilience, and faith. As you read, embrace each notion and apply it to your life. As you do, you will find you are better able to truly become your own source of joy.


  • “With all the things we have to worry about in the world today – Live Your Joy leaves you feeling stronger, more resilient, and more energized so you can feel in charge of your life.”

    Joan Lunden
    Author and TV personality

  • “Bonnie’s life is proof that we can all be happy no matter what. Read Live Your Joy to walk a while alongside her and learn how to do it.”

    Marci Shimoff
    #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

  • “Feeling down? Pick up Live Your Joy! So important in challenging times… these wonderful stories certainly helped me find my joy!”

    Ronna Lichtenberg
    Author of Pitch Like a Girl

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