Learn powerful, science-based techniques to boost focus, drive and energy hour-by-hour throughout the day – every day, all day long

For most of us, the hundreds of miniature bruises we experience each day determine the overall quality of our lives far more dramatically than the giant traumas that punctuate the decades. Micro-Resilience curates the latest research on neuroscience, psychology, and physiology into a fresh, unique take on living a resilient life. Rather than the traditional focus on recovering from major ordeals, this book zeros in on small, immediately effective adjustments that allow you to be more resilient hour-by-hour every day, all day long.

In over five years of research and testing, thousands of people, from small town entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 CEOs to stay-at-home moms, have found these restorative techniques quick and easy to integrate into even the busiest of schedules. Bonnie and Allen use dozens of these entertaining stories to illustrate the effectiveness of this material – a doctor who stops falling behind in his caseload, a breast cancer patient energizes herself to get through chemo, a globetrotting corporate executive starts dating again after four years – all due to Micro-Resilience.

If you are looking for clear, painless steps you can take today that dramatically increase your ability to bounce back faster from life’s daily challenges, Micro-Resilience is for you.


  • Micro-Resilience is a powerful book that will help you rethink the drive-until-you-drop approach to work. By reframing your thinking in the way St. John and Haines describe, you can learn to bounce back from setbacks and create a life of power and meaning.”

    Daniel H. Pink
    Bestselling author of Drive and To Sell is Human

  • Micro-Resilience is a transformative program that doesn’t force you to change, but instead enhances the resources you already have to give you much more focus and energy.”

    Walter Isaacson
    Bestselling author of Steve Jobs
    President and CEO
    Aspen Leadership Institute

  • “Bonnie St. John and Allen Haines have focused on how to increase hour-by-hour resilience, which is critical in today’s world. Their approach integrates science-based, intentional and immediate recoveries and has broad application to health care and other service industries that count on teams to deliver their best. Micro-Resilience is a great example of a 21st century solution to meet our 21st century challenges and opportunities.”

    Bernard J. Tyson
    Chairman and CEO
    Kaiser Permanente

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