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Leaders in today’s marketplace must rise above an ever-increasing volume of challenges to provide their teams with the resources they need to sustain growth and achieve success.

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Drawing on her unique experience, analyses, and signature brands of resilience and inclusion, Bonnie St. John established Blue Circle Leadership with the mission to equip professionals with research based, rigorously tested, easily actionable tools and techniques that directly improve bottom-line business results.

Blue Circle Leadership’s programs are multimodal and carefully managed to provide a one-of-a-kind ecosystem for participant learning. Services can be specifically tailored and branded to support your organization’s broader internal leadership initiatives.

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  • “We’ve been able to reach a very broad set of women through Blue Circle’s virtual development platform. These programs have been a huge win for us at Bank of America.”

    Tamara Amini
    Senior Vice President

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  • “Express Scripts invests in the Transformational Leadership program to help us maximize the potential of all women leaders in the pipeline. As a leader, I believe this program allows us to stay competitive as the effectiveness of our talent pool improves overall.”

    Phyllis Anderson
    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • “For AETNA, Bonnie’s programs have been a match made in heaven. They contain a beautiful combination of discussion, instruction and reflection.”

    Grace Figueredo
    Chief Diversity Officer

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    Transformational Leadership

    Transformational Leadership

    Expand your talent pipeline by providing Multicultural Women with proven keys to success in the global marketplace.

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    Women in Tech

    Women in Tech Leadership

    Equip women in technology with the tools to rise above pervasive challenges and emerge as dynamic, well-rounded corporate leaders.

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    Give your team research-based tools and techniques through 5 frameworks that provide a pathway to meet the increasing demands of high performance while maintaining more focus, more drive, and more energy than ever before.

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    7 Insights into Leadership in a Virtual Setting

    7 Ways to Successfully Provide Leadership Development Virtually

    It’s easy to deliver virtual training for subjects like improving technical skills or legal compliance. But true leadership development requires people to pay attention over time, reflect deeply, and share insights with others. That is hard to do virtually.

    We get it. And we can help…immediately.

    Download this guide and receive 7 best practices we’ve gleaned from years of successfully delivering “eco-systems” for complex learning & development in a virtual setting.