Unrestrained Podcast
Unrestrained Podcast: Reduce Stress with Micro-Resilience Techniques

Our workforce is expected to be productive, focused, and driven amid so much disruption – whether it’s constant email alerts, high-stress presentations, or burnout from a never-ending workload.

Transformational Leader Podcast
Transformational Leadership Podcast: How To Become More Comfortable With Yourself As A Leader

Leadership comes in many forms. In this podcast with the John Maxwell Team, I share some lessons from great leaders in my life, along with some of my own hard-won wisdom through Olympic training, being “helpable,” and using failure as a stepping stone to success.

Dropping In Podcast
Dropping In Podcast: Letting Go To Move Forward In Life

In the summer of 2018, I led a Micro-Resilience and leadership workshop with a group of women who were tired of living a “normal” life and ready to embrace the extraordinary.